Our story began in sunny California in 1980

The story of El Burrito, a pioneer in meatless Chorizo (Soyrizo®, as we like to call it), began as a local grocery store in El Monte, CA. selling homemade tortillas and salsa in 1969.
11 years later El Burrito Mexican Food Inc. was officially founded.
In 1992, El Burrito's owner, Mark Roth, discovered that he had heart disease and set out to develop a new version of the beloved chorizo that he could now no longer eat.

After lots of trial and error, the recipe for low-fat, cholesterol free SOY-chorizo was born. Roth wished to keep the recipe as authentic and delicious as possible, while still being accessible for different dietary restrictions.

Now, we make all sorts of products that are friendly to a variety of diets, and have a more positive impact on our Earth.



JOin The Community

El Burrito products are created for you and your loved ones to enjoy!
We hope that you are enamored with our classics, or maybe interested in trying out something you've never had before.
Either way, you are joining in a tradition of healthy and delicious fare that spans more than 30 years.