Can I freeze El Burrito soy products?
Yes, all EB soy products can be frozen. Do not leave it out at room temperature, though. Thaw in the refrigerator before use.
Is Soyrizo pre-cooked?
No, Soyrizo products must be cooked before serving.
What is the difference between traditional chorizo and Soyrizo?
Non-GMO Soyrizo has 65% fewer calories and 82% less fat than its animal- based counterpart.* Made from Non-GMO soybeans and flavored with spices and expeller-pressed soy oil, Soyrizo has a similar texture and flavor as traditional chorizo without the cholesterol. And while it is filled with omega-9 fatty acids, it’s low in total saturated fat.
*Nutritional information on meat chorizo is obtained from USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory.
What does Soyrizo taste like?
Soyrizo is seasoned the way traditional chorizo has been for centuries, infused with mouthwatering smoky flavors of ground chile peppers, onions and paprika.
Are El Burrito soy products completely meatless?
Yes. El Burrito soy products are entirely vegetarian.
How do I prepare Soyrizo?
Prepare Soyrizo the same way you would for chorizo in any authentic recipe. Because Soyrizo is not a meat-based product, it cooks in a fraction of the time.
Are El Burrito soy products made with GMO soy?
El Burrito only uses non-GMO soy in its products.
Are El Burrito soy products kosher?
Yes, all of the soy products are KSA Kosher Certified or OU Kosher Certified.
Which El Burrito soy products are vegan?
Soyrizo, SoyGround, Soy Breakfast Sausage, Soy Pepperoni, and Soy Longaniza are vegan.
Are El Burrito products gluten free?
Yes, El Burrito soy products are Gluten Free Certified.

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