Stuffed Soyrizo Baked Potatoes







Soyrizo stuffed baked potato recipe filled with black beans and corn, then topped with vegan cheese.


1 pkg El Burrito Soyrizo or SoyYum Chorizo
4 russet potatoes
2 Tbsp. green bell pepper
2 Tbsp. red bell pepper
¼ cup onion
1/2 cup soy milk
vegan cheese for sprinkling
Olive Oil


Heat bell peppers and onion in pan with olive oil over medium high heat and cook until tender. Add Soyrizo and cook additional 2 minutes. Set aside.

Place potatoes in microwave safe bowl and microwave on high until tender (about 8 min.)
Let potatoes cool once they have finished cooking. Scoop out filling (leaving about ¼” so
that the potato shells hold its shape) and place it in a large mixing bowl. Add soy milk and
mash thoroughly. Combine Soyrizo and potatoes and mix thoroughly.

Scoop potato mixture back into shells. Top with shredded vegan cheese. Bake potato shells for 5
minutes at 400 degrees.

Optional: serve with scallions, sour cream, ketchup or your choice of condiment.

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